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Video Gallery

  • Lecture 1: balance sheets part 1
    1st in series of accounting lectures - appox 8 minutes: the origin of the balance sheet
  • Lecture 2: balance sheets part 2
    Lecture 2 in series of accounting lectures - approx 7 minutes: balance sheet, the accounting equation and sample transactions
  • Lecture 3:debits and credits
    3rd in a series of accounting lectures; approx 8 minutes; explaining debits and credits
  • Lecture 4: recording transactions
    4th lecture in series of beginning accounting lessons - approx 8 minutes. Using debits and credits to record transactions.
  • Lecture 5: T-accounts
    Lecture 5 in series of beginning accounting lessons- approx 8 minutes - explains what T-accounts are
  • Lecture 6 - the accounting cycle
    Lecture 6 - 8 minutes - the accounting cycle

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